Wednesday, January 21, 2009

External Structure 1:Here I am

"Here I am"
-Roger McGough

            The most interesting aspect of this poem is it's very unusual shape. McGough uses a very odd shape for his poem that is not easily discernable as any particular object. I personally think that the shape resembles that of an hourglass, representing the time that the author has left in his life. The poem talks a lot about the many things that the author failed to accomplish in his life. The author is lamenting about the time he has wasted, but he realizes that his hourglass is not yet empty, hence the line “Here I am” in the center of the poem. The author realizes that he is still alive and still has time to redeem himself and do what he has yet to do. The author accepts how he has spent the first section of his hourglass. This is why the change from the top half of the hourglass to the bottom occurs at the second repetition of the line “Here I am”.  The shape does not fit this mold perfectly, but it is fairly close and the deviation from the mold may be a symbol that the poem is imperfect. It is the author’s acceptance of the fact that not everything can be accomplished, not everything can fit the ideal mold.

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