Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tone Poem 1: Leaving the Motel

Leaving the Motel

- W.D. Snodgrass

This Poem concentrates on the perception of love. It concentrates on the process by which a cheating couple hides their relationship. As the poem progresses, the narrator goes through several checks in order to make srue that he/she cheats correctly. I found it particularly interesting that throughout this poem the only mention of the lovers is the pronoun "we". The tone supports the narrator's secrecy and the immense importance that he/she gives it.
The narrator acts nervous in the first stanza, as though he is worried. He mentions details such as the "kids holler" as though these children could somehow destroy him. He is attempting to contain his encounter and cut it off from the entire world. He fails to show much emotion in what should be a very emotive and passionate occurrence. This is evident through the cold and calculating tone that carries from the second stanza on. The lovers go through a very detailed procedure, and implement their plan without any sign of love towards one another. The only exception to this is one stanza in which they deal with "our lilacs, the wayside flowers". Here there is a scintilla of the attraction that must have brought them together in the first place.
The most incredible thing about this poem is how little we learn about the lovers. We never learn their names, their occupations, how they met, or any detail of varying significance surrounding their lives. This major theme, detachment, is absolutely evident through the narrators cold, calculating, and nervous tone. 


Elgris said...

Hi I was wondering if you could help me out some. I'm writing part of a paper on this poem and I wasn't sure what I think about the line concerning the unrumpled bed shouldn't they leave both beds rumpled and what about the land lord

Unknown said...

Someone checked in anonymously with their license while the other person secretly stayed hidden in the car.